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Some Advantages of working
with a recruiter who is also
an experienced developer

Same Background

We both know code. We know the technical challenges involved in coding, and the time it takes to do it right. We know what good code looks like, and that feeling you get when your project compiles (or is interpreted) with no errors on the first try, and works as expected.

no mind games

Since recruiters can't rely on any technical expertise to evaluate you or the job they're offering, they have to rely on sales, statistics, and psychology. That can have an impact on quality, clarity, and the general health of your career.

save time and worry

I will personally vet the employer, ask the questions we want answerered, and only bring good opportunities to your attention, without trying to "sell" you on anything. I can help with the interview process, negotiate the best offer based on your skills and their requirements, and help alleviate any unexpected issues that may arise once employed.

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